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Glitter eyeshadow can actually make your eyes pop. On this publish, I’ll share a couple of straightforward strategies to use glitter eyeshadow. I’ve included strategies to use glitter eyeshadow with out glue, with out primer, and with out making a large number!

The important thing to making use of glitter eyeshadow with out utilizing glue is to make use of a setting spray!

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Additionally, you will want glitter and a fluffy eyeshadow brush. For this method, a fluffy brush works higher than a flat brush as a result of it catches extra glitter. Setting sprays can both be aerosol or pump. Each work with this method.

Right here’s What You Want To Do:

Step 1: First, apply your eyeshadow, together with your eyeliner. Don’t apply mascara or lashes till the very finish.


Step 2: Now, spray the setting spray onto the fluffy eyeshadow brush for one second or one pump.


Step 3: Instantly dip the eyeshadow brush into the unfastened glitter or the glitter on an eyeshadow pallet, packing it on the comb.


Step 4: Take the comb and press the glitter onto the attention till you will have the quantity of glitter you need.


Step 5: End the remainder of your make-up, together with your lashes and every other particulars.


Step 6: Lastly, remember to use the setting spray throughout your face, together with over the glitter eyeshadow, and also you’re accomplished!

Take a look at the video beneath to see this step-by-step tutorial in motion:

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One of the best ways to use glitter eyeshadow with out making a large number is so as to add some unfastened powder below your eyes. The powder retains the glitter from sticking to your face so as to brush it away effortlessly! The powder won’t have an effect on your look, whether or not you might be doing all your eyes first or after you apply your base make-up.

Additionally, you will want glitter, glitter glue, an eyeshadow primer, and a small element brush. You may apply your full face of make-up earlier than or after working in your eyes.

Right here’s What You Want To Do:

Step 1: First, apply an eyeshadow primer over your eye space. If you’re utilizing a colourful or black glitter, use an eyeshadow primer in that colour to make the colour pop.

Step 2: Apply your eyeshadow look, together with your eyeliner. Don’t apply mascara or lashes till the very finish.

Step 3: Now, earlier than you open the glitter, use a powder brush and apply a light-weight dusting of unfastened powder below your eyes and in your cheeks straight beneath the eyes.

Step 4: Glitter glue is available in completely different kinds. Some glitter glue is liquid and has a brush like a nail polish bottle. One other sort of glitter glue is white and creamy. We are going to talk about the applying of each types of glitter glue.

Step 5: Apply a half pea measurement of creamy glitter glue onto a small, element brush. If you’re utilizing a liquid, remember to wipe the surplus off from the comb onto the aspect of the bottle to keep away from utilizing an excessive amount of glue.

Step 6: Brush a really gentle layer of glue evenly over the a part of your eye the place you need to apply glitter.

Step 7: Utilizing the identical brush, apply one other half pea measurement of glue or dip the highest of the comb into the liquid glue.

Step 8: Dip the comb within the glitter, coating the comb, then press that brush towards the world the place you utilized the glue the primary time till you will have the specified quantity of glitter on your look.

Step 9: As soon as you might be accomplished making use of the glitter, put one other half pea measurement glue on the comb or dip the highest of the comb within the liquid glue.

Step 10: Frivolously apply that glue on high of the glitter to lock it in.

Step 11: Lastly, end your look together with your mascara or lashes, and also you’re accomplished!

The simplest technique to apply glitter eyeshadow with out primer is to press the glitter straight onto your eyes after you’ve utilized your eyeshadow. The eyeshadow acts because the “adhesive’ for the glitter.

Of course, you can also use glitter glue, as described in the above sections.

For this technique, you only need your finger for the glitter part, and it does not require a brush! Pressed glitter on an eyeshadow pallet works better, but you can also use loose glitter.

Here’s What You Need To Do:

Step 1: First, apply your eyeshadow, including your eyeliner. Do not apply mascara or lashes until the very end.

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Step 2: Then, press your finger onto the glitter in your eyeshadow pallet or the loose glitter.

Step 3: Take your finger and press the glitter onto the area of your eye where you want to create the effect. Repeat this until you have the amount of glitter that you desire.

Step 4: That’s it! Just apply your mascara or lashes and finish your look!

Chunky glitter works best on a cut crease look and this tutorial will walk you through the steps on applying chunky glitter with a cut crease eyeshadow look.

Before you start, ensure that you have cleaned your face. You should also apply and finish your brow makeup before proceeding.

Note you will need 2 types of glitter. A finer glitter powder and “chunky glitter”, that are greater particular person items of glitter. You can too use glitter eyeshadow when you don’t need to use glitter powder.

What You Will Want:

  • Glitter powder & Eyeliner Gel or Glitter Eyeshadow
  • Chunky glitter
  • Glitter Glue
  • Eyeshadow Palette
  • Eyelid Primer

Step 1: Prime your lids – Apply your eyelid primer. The primer will present a clean floor on your eye make-up and permit them to stay higher.

Step 2: Apply your eyeshadow – The palette that you just select on your eyeshadow will function the bottom colour on your chunky glitter. I recommend selecting a palette that may praise your chucky glitter.

For instance, if you’re planning to use pink chunky glitter, select a palette with a colour near pink (like rose) and a darker base colour (like purple).

Apply the darker colour nearer to your eyelids and mix to the lighter colour in direction of your forehead bone. This can create a gradient impact that lifts your eyes, giving your lids an important base colour for the chunky glitter.

Step 3: Minimize the crease – Apply an eyeliner gel from the underside of your forehead bone to your lash line. You must select a lighter shade than your eyeshadow. Following the instance in step 2, in case you have chosen rose and purple on your eyeshadow, you possibly can attempt to apply satin silver eyeliner gel.

Chunky glitter is all about being daring, so don’t be afraid to experiment with completely different colours.

You need to use glitter eyeshadow as a substitute for this step. Should you select to make use of glitter eyeshadow, skip step 4 beneath.

Step 4: Apply the glitter powder – Whereas your eyeliner gel that you just’ve utilized in step 3 continues to be damp and cheesy, apply your glitter powder onto your eyelids by dabbing them straight on high of the eyeliner gel.

To do that, moist a small flat brush barely after which dab it into your glitter powder. Your brush will decide up the glitter. Dab the comb with the glitter in your eyelids the place you’ve utilized the eyeliner gel.

Step 5: Apply glitter glue and chunky glitter- Utilizing the applicator that comes with the glitter glue, dab a little bit of the glue onto the lid the place you need to stick your chunky glitter. Use tweezers to select up the chucky glitter items and stick them onto the glue.

Step 6: End the look – End the remainder of the look by making use of eyeliner, mascara and face make-up. The kind of eyelid you will have may have an effect on the type of eyeliner or eye make-up you select to complete off the look. I recommend a winged liner with black mascara in your lashes for this look.

If you wish to discover different choices that may give you the results you want. Take a look at my publish: 5 Frequent Forms of Eyelids ( Acknowledge + Make-up Ideas)

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