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Frizzy hair refers to hair strands that stick out or curl up sporadically in several instructions inflicting uneven and messy textures that don’t align with the principle physique of the hair.

Relying in your hair kind and situation, frizz can manifest in many alternative methods. Nonetheless, the top result’s nearly at all times the identical – Fuzzy and irregular textures that refuse to mix in, making your hair look unruly, unkempt, and troublesome to handle.

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Whereas there isn’t a exact dictionary definition of what frizz actually means, most girls would describe it as their primary battle in doing their hair.

So why can we name it frizz, and what makes your hair predisposed to this situation?

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Frizz Definition – What’s Frizzy Hair?

frizz in hair meaning
Definition of frizzy hair

Frizzy hair is regardless of the reverse of glossy and clean hair is.

It seems to be untidy, frazzled, frayed, fluffy, fuzzy, broken, or might be something in between.

To place it merely, it’s a hair strand that’s fully worn out, has misplaced its suppleness, smoothness, and pure sample, making it unpredictable to type and handle.

​​That’s why frizziness is commonly related to the time period “bad hair day” as a result of frizz-prone hair can’t maintain up its form and elegance for a protracted time period. Even the slightest temperature change can confuse your hair and throw a wonderfully groomed coiffure right into a wiry mess of flyaways and tangles in mere minutes.

Traditionally, the which means of frizz originates from the phrases frīs, friser, and frizzle: [1]

  • Previous English phrase frīs (crisped or curled)
  • Previous French phrase friser, frizer (frizzle, crisp, curl, ruffle)
  • Proto-Germanic: friz (curl). Frisaz (curly)
  • Frizzle: A good, crisp curl.

In brief: A Crisped Tight Curl.

Nonetheless, it’s necessary to notice that frizzy hair doesn’t essentially imply curly hair. It might look barely curly, however even straight hair can frizz up when the strands begin wither.

What Does Frizzy Hair Look Like?

Frizzy hair seems to be neither straight nor curly. It has an irregular texture that makes it divert from the pure sample from the remainder of your locks.

Listed below are some examples of what frizzy hair seems to be like:

Quick Strands Sticking Up

The most typical type of frizz in hair is brief strands that stick up and undertaking away from the principle physique of the hair. This kind of frizz is extra noticeable in ladies with straight hair who try for clean and glossy kinds.

Fuzzy and Irregular Texture

Fuzzy, fluffy, wiry, frizzled, dry, and patternless. This can be a case of maximum frizzy hair that doesn’t belong anyplace on the pinnacle.

Dry and Brittle Ends

Frizzy ends occur when the oldest elements of the hair strands refuse to mix in, making your general coiffure look untidy.

This kind of frizz is prevalent in individuals who do frequent hair coloring remedies or use warmth styling instruments.

Frizzy, dry ends normally stick up like unicorn horns, they usually seem noticeably lighter in colour than the remainder of the hair.

Child Hairs Throughout The Hairline

Frizziness also can seem as wispy strands alongside your hairline after you’ve styled your hair. The issue with frizzy child hairs is that they’re usually too quick to clip up and too messy to let free.

Like a Curl Ready to Occur

In response to Lorraine Massey, the creator of the Curly Lady Methodology handbook, frizzy hair is a curl ready to occur. [2]

Normally, that is true. In case you look carefully at a frizzy hair strand, it seems to be prefer it’s making an attempt to fold again onto itself as a consequence of lack of hydration.

Feels Tough When Touching

Frizziness is the results of years of accrued put on and tear and injury. Consequently, the cuticles begin chipping away, creating gaps and cracks on the floor of the hair shaft. And when this occurs, your hair loses its smoothness, making it tough when touching.

Not Clumping With Different Curls

When you’ve got curly or wavy hair, a standard signal of frizziness is when a few of your curls refuse to clump with the remaining. Consequently, you find yourself with a scarcity of definition and a confused curl sample.

Sorts Of Frizz

Floor Frizz

what is frizzy curly hair
Floor frizziness definition

Floor frizz occurs on the surface layers of the hair, not beneath, which may typically appear like static.

Halo Frizz

frizziness on top of the hair
Halo frizz instance

Halo frizz solely occurs on the crown of the pinnacle the place unruly strands stick up, offering the phantasm of a crown floating across the prime of the hair. It creates a halo-type impact on the pinnacle which is commonly shapeless, patternless, and bushy.

Halo frizz doesn’t seem anyplace else on the pinnacle.

Within the curl Frizz

curly frizzy hair fringe meaning
Within the curl frizz instance

This kind of frizziness occurs inside your curls (beneath), inflicting a scarcity of curl definition and quantity.

Pouf Ball Frizz

big frizzy hair
Large pouf ball frizz instance

Pouf ball frizz occurs in a number of layers in your hair, inflicting your entire mane to increase, making a pouf ball’s phantasm.

This kind of frizz occurs on the highest, beneath, and is commonly the toughest to handle because it overwhelms your hair.

Multi-layered frizziness is commonly frequent in ladies who don’t have an actual curl or wave sample.

Child Hair Frizz

frizzy hair fringe meanings
Frizzy child hairs instance

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Frizzy child hairs at your hairline are small wispy strands that refuse to lie flat while you’re styling your mane. Child hairs might be tough to regulate as a result of they’re too quick to clip up.

Frizz at The Ends

hair that is frizzier at the ends
Frizzy ends instance

Frizziness on the ends, also called break up ends, is the incidence of dry and brittleness on the tip of the hair, inflicting it to separate and flake.

Everybody, no matter hair kind, suffers from break up ends as a result of the guidelines of the hair are the oldest half and the furthest from the scalp, which suggests they don’t get sufficient pure oils from the scalp, leading to crunchy ends that want fixed touch-ups with hair merchandise.

Causes of Frizzy Hair

factors that cause frizz

There’s probably an entire mixture of things that make the hair susceptible to frizz, however the principle trigger is at all times the identical:

Raised cuticles (disrupted or broken exterior layer).

In case you zoom in on a frizzy hair strand, you’ll discover that the cuticles are raised as a substitute of mendacity flat and even.

This is because of getting older, injury, weathering, and in some circumstances, hereditary.

Your hair kind and texture can play a major function in how frizzy your hair seems to be. For instance, curly hair is extra vulnerable to frizz as a result of it would kink up from moisture or humidity within the air.

Curls are naturally drier due to their intricate texture, making it troublesome for sebum (the pure oil produced by the scalp) to journey alongside the hair strand.

Is Frizzy Hair Genetic?

Whereas there isn’t a such factor as frizzy hair genes or frizzy hair syndrome, some hair varieties might be extra delicate to frizzing as a consequence of their texture and response to moisture, styling merchandise, and way of life.

Listed below are among the most important components that contribute to frizzy, unruly hair:


Humidity is the hair’s primary nemesis as a result of it causes the protein cells within the hair to swell, making your hair look puffy inside minutes.

When the hair is humid, the additional moisture wants to seek out its means someplace. Naturally, humid air infiltrates areas of low moisture (dry), and human hair is the right vacation spot if it’s not adequately moisturized.

As soon as the additional moisture units into the hair, it forces the cells to increase till they disrupt the outer cuticle layers, inflicting frizz.

Finest tricks to cease your hair from frizzing in humidity

Hair Porosity

One other contributing issue to hair frizziness is porosity degree.

Hair porosity is the measure of how a lot moisture your hair can soak up and retain. That is managed by the outer cuticles layer. If the cuticles are tight and flat (low porosity), the hair shaft will battle to soak up moisture. Nonetheless, it would retain moisture for longer.

If the hair cuticles are porous and broken (excessive porosity), the hair shaft will soak up moisture however battle to retain it.

Hair with excessive porosity is extra more likely to expertise frizziness due to its incapability to carry on to moisture out of your hair merchandise like conditioners, masks, and moisturizers.

Your Hair Care Routine

In case you colour your hair continuously, crank up the warmth in your flat iron, or blow-dry your hair each time you step out of the bathe, or use hair merchandise that comprise sulfates and alcohol, your hair care routine could also be contributing to frizzy and uninteresting hair that turns into unimaginable to handle over time.

What Sort of Hair is Most Affected by Frizz?

Curly and Textured Hair

Curly and textured hair is extra susceptible to frizz versus straight and caucasian hair. That’s as a result of curly hair is extra porous than caucasian and Asian hair. Another excuse for frizz in curly hair is the shortage of sebum distribution and lubrication alongside the size.

If the hair is straight, the scalp’s pure oil can journey alongside the size simply. But when the hair has twists and bends, the oil takes longer to succeed in the ends, which is why curly hair tends to remain dry and brittle.

Chemically Handled Hair

Chemical remedies like hair dyes, relaxers, and bleaching can stress your hair out, inflicting breakage, chipping of the hair cuticles, and different types of injury to the hair’s pure texture, inflicting the hair strands to look brittle and frizzy in patches.

Broken Hair

Years of accrued injury trigger gradual weathering of the hair strands, which finally turn out to be extremely porous (excessive porosity). When the hair is extremely porous, water absorption causes the shaft to swell. The outer tough cuticle layers additionally make your hair stick to one another like velcro as a substitute of gliding previous one another, which is why you get tangles and snags simply.

Is Frizzy and Curly Hair The Identical?

No. Frizzy hair just isn’t the identical as curly hair. Whereas a frizzy patch of hair could look curly, frizz additionally occurs to straight hair.

Frizzy hair is normally a results of injury from exterior components, corresponding to blow-drying, straightening, or humidity. In distinction, curly hair is a hereditary hair kind and sample that’s not influenced by exterior components.

Curly hair has pure wave patterns to its strands. Frizzy hairs wouldn’t have these waves. A frizzy hair strand takes the form of a curl as a consequence of dehydration, forcing the hair to shrink and curl up.

Is Frizzy Hair The Identical as Static Hair?

is frizz the same as static
Variations between frizzy hair and static hair

No. Static hair occurs when there’s an imbalance between optimistic and adverse expenses on the floor of the hair as a consequence of friction out of your brush, comb, towel, pillowcase, or hair equipment.

Then again, Frizz occurs due to raised cuticles within the hair shaft inflicting it to swell when it absorbs moisture.

Your hair can naturally frizz due to its surrounding situations like humidity, however static requires some handbook interplay with the hair for it to occur, like taking a hairbrush to it.

However having stated that, static expenses could make your locks frizzy by inflicting the strands to repel one another and balloon into an enormous mess.

Does Frizzy Hair Imply Broken Hair?

my hair is dry and damaged because of my hair care routine
Frizzy hair vs. Broken hair

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No. Not at all times.

In case your hair is of course curly or wavy, it’s extra more likely to frizz from damp and scorching climate situations as a consequence of its pure dry texture or porosity degree. Even virgin curly hair which has by no means been coloured, relaxed, chemically handled, or heat-styled can get frizzy if the moisture steadiness just isn’t proper.

Hair injury is without doubt one of the the reason why your hair could battle to soak up and retain moisture, but it surely’s not at all times the direct explanation for frizziness. There are a lot of different components like porosity, texture, your scalp’s pure pH steadiness, hair merchandise, and so on.

Does Frizzy Hair Imply Unhealthy Hair?

No. Frizz is the results of how your hair reacts to moisture and its environment.

Even wholesome hair can frizz if the humidity is just too excessive or the hair will get too alkaline from chemical merchandise.

Generally, genes play an necessary half in how nicely our hair copes with moisture. For instance, dry hair is hereditary amongst folks with curly and textured hair. In these circumstances, even virgin (undamaged) textured hair would frizz merely due to the dryness and the way the cuticle cells line up erratically.

Whereas most girls would understand frizz as an indication of unhealthy hair, but it surely’s not. All it’s a must to do is use the precise merchandise to tame and forestall frizz when styling your hair as a substitute of denigrating them.

Is Frizzy Hair a Signal Of Hair Loss?

No. Dry and frizzy hair just isn’t an indication of hair loss.

Hair loss is brought on by different components that have an effect on the hair follicles, which sit beneath the scalp. Frizziness occurs on the shaft, which is above the scalp.

Is Frizz Unhealthy For Your Hair?

No. Frizz just isn’t unhealthy in your hair.

It’s simply one of many indicators that your tresses want extra consideration and probably a change in your hair care routine.

Frizz might be perceived as each a adverse and optimistic trait relying in your style. Some folks wish to have a little bit of fluff because it provides physique and quantity to high-quality and skinny hair, whereas some hate the looks of frizz as a result of it messes up their glossy and clean hairstyles.

All of it is dependent upon your hair kind and coiffure.

These days, increasingly ladies are embracing frizz as low-maintenance hairstyles appear to be the brand new cool look.

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How To Get Frizz-Free Hair

Lay off the recent instruments

As an alternative of drying your hair with a blow-dryer, attempt to air dry as usually as you possibly can.

Scale back the usage of curling and straightening irons. Use DIY pure various strategies to curve or straighten your hair. There are many heatless hair styling options on Youtube you get good inspiration from.

Use a sulfate-free shampoo

Don’t use shampoos that dry out your hair. Most common shampoos comprise far too many alkaline chemical compounds that disrupt the hair and scalp’s pure pH steadiness, inflicting the cuticles to boost.

Use a delicate sulfate-free shampoo with low pH as a substitute. It really works higher at smoothing the cuticle layer and likewise helps to maintain an excellent moisture steadiness.

Use a hairspray to lock out humidity and combat frizz

In case you’re out and about in the summertime, at all times carry an anti-humidity hairspray or anti-frizz hair sheet.

It’s a superb strategy to tame frizz, management the flyaways, in addition to shield from static electrical energy, which may damper your coiffure. An anti-humidity spray or sheet additionally boosts moisture again into dry strands whereas shielding them from different environmental components corresponding to wind and rain.

At all times moisturize from the bathe

A very good hair care routine begins within the bathe when your hair continues to be moist.

At all times be sure to make use of loads of conditioners after your shampoo to hydrate and moisturize. Don’t wait too lengthy or till your hair is dry fully.

Moist hair absorbs hair merchandise higher, and it additionally helps with detangling when you might have conditioner within the hair. It supplies loads of slip, subsequently, decreasing friction, statics, and flyaways.

Additionally, don’t dry your hair with a cotton towel. Use a clean microfiber towel to blot extra water as a substitute.

Use a Depart-In Conditioner

Depart-in conditioners are wonderful on-the-go merchandise to maintain your tresses hydrated, clean, and in fine condition while you need to lock in your type.

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