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Diagnosing age spots may embrace:

  • Visible inspection. Your physician can normally diagnose age spots by your pores and skin. It is vital to differentiate age spots from different pores and skin issues as a result of the remedies differ and utilizing the improper process might delay different wanted remedy.
  • Pores and skin biopsy. Your physician may do different exams, akin to eradicating a small pattern of pores and skin for examination in a lab (pores and skin biopsy). This may help distinguish an age spot from different situations, akin to lentigo maligna, a kind of pores and skin most cancers. A pores and skin biopsy is normally accomplished in a health care provider’s workplace, utilizing a neighborhood anesthetic.


If you need your age spots to be much less noticeable, remedies can be found to lighten or take away them. As a result of the pigment is positioned on the base of the dermis — the topmost layer of pores and skin — any remedies meant to lighten the age spots should penetrate this layer of pores and skin.

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Age spot remedies embrace:

  • Medicines. Making use of prescription bleaching lotions (hydroquinone) alone or with retinoids (tretinoin) and a gentle steroid may progressively fade the spots over a number of months. The remedies may trigger non permanent itching, redness, burning or dryness.
  • Laser and intense pulsed mild. Some laser and intense pulsed mild therapies destroy melanin-producing cells (melanocytes) with out damaging the pores and skin’s floor. These approaches usually require two to 3 periods. Wounding (ablative) lasers take away the highest layer of pores and skin (dermis).
  • Freezing (cryotherapy). This process treats the spot through the use of a cotton-tipped swab to use liquid nitrogen for 5 seconds or much less. This destroys the additional pigment. As the world heals, the pores and skin seems lighter. Spray freezing could also be used on a small grouping of spots. The therapy might quickly irritate the pores and skin and poses a slight threat of everlasting scarring or discoloration.
  • Dermabrasion. Dermabrasion sands down the floor layer of pores and skin with a quickly rotating brush. New pores and skin grows instead. You might have to bear the process greater than as soon as. Doable unwanted side effects embrace non permanent redness, scabbing and swelling. It could take a number of months for pinkness to fade.
  • Microdermabrasion. Microdermabrasion is a much less aggressive strategy than dermabrasion. It leaves gentle pores and skin blemishes with a smoother look. You may want a sequence of procedures over months to get modest, non permanent outcomes. You might discover a slight redness or stinging sensation on the handled areas. You probably have rosacea or tiny crimson veins in your face, this method may make the situation worse.
  • Chemical peel. This methodology entails making use of a chemical answer to the pores and skin to take away the highest layers. New, smoother pores and skin kinds to take its place. Doable unwanted side effects embrace scarring, an infection, and lightening or darkening of pores and skin shade. Redness lasts as much as a number of weeks. You may want a number of remedies earlier than you discover any outcomes.

The age spot therapies that take away pores and skin are normally accomplished in a health care provider’s workplace and do not require hospitalization. The size of every process and the time it takes to see outcomes varies from weeks to months.

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After therapy, when outside you will want to make use of a broad-spectrum sunscreen with a solar safety issue (SPF) of at the very least 30 and put on protecting clothes.

As a result of age spot remedies are thought of beauty, they usually aren’t coated by insurance coverage. And since the procedures can have unwanted side effects, focus on your choices rigorously with a health care provider who makes a speciality of pores and skin situations (dermatologist). Additionally, be sure that your dermatologist is specifically skilled and skilled within the approach you are contemplating.

Life-style and residential cures

Many nonprescription fade lotions and lotions for lightening age spots can be found on the market. These might enhance the looks of age spots, relying on how darkish the spots are and the way usually you apply the cream. You may want to make use of such a product frequently for a number of weeks or months earlier than you discover outcomes.

If you wish to attempt an over-the-counter fade cream, select one which incorporates hydroquinone, glycolic acid or kojic acid. Some merchandise, particularly those who comprise hydroquinone, might trigger pores and skin irritation.

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You may additionally apply make-up to assist make age spots much less noticeable.

Making ready in your appointment

You are more likely to begin by seeing your major care physician, who might then refer you to a dermatologist.

Your physician is more likely to ask you various questions, akin to:

  • When did you first discover the spots in your pores and skin?
  • Did the spots seem progressively or rapidly?
  • Have you ever observed some other adjustments within the look of your pores and skin?
  • Is the situation itchy, tender or in any other case bothersome?
  • Have you ever skilled frequent or extreme sunburns?
  • How usually are you uncovered to the solar or UV radiation?
  • Do you frequently shield your pores and skin from UV radiation?
  • What sort of solar safety do you utilize?
  • Do you might have a household historical past of age spots or pores and skin most cancers?
  • What drugs do you are taking?

Questions chances are you’ll wish to ask your physician embrace:

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  • What suspicious adjustments in my pores and skin ought to I search for?
  • If the spots are age spots, what can I do to enhance the looks of my pores and skin?
  • Do remedies make them go away utterly, or do they simply lighten the age spots?
  • Might these spots flip into pores and skin most cancers?

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