Why do i have dry spots on my skin


Many on a regular basis causes will be the reason for dry pores and skin patches. A few of these are so minor that you just wouldn’t even suppose twice earlier than doing them. Following are a number of the widespread causes of dry patches on pores and skin.

  • If you’re vulnerable to washing your fingers too typically

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  • You employ a variety of scorching water whereas taking a shower

  • Poor vitamin

  • Dehydration attributable to not ingesting sufficient liquids

  • Utilizing lotions and moisturizers that comprise alcohol

  • Use of blower (fan) heaters within the room

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    Use of harsh cleaning soap/cleansers

Within the first reason behind washing your fingers typically, we want to level out that it’s totally different from sustaining hand hygiene which is especially a norm through the pandemic. Given you’re required to typically wash your fingers typically, use a mild handwash, one that doesn’t have many chemical substances however keep in mind to moisturize your fingers after.

Aside from the standard causes that now we have talked about above, sure medical situations will also be accountable for dry pores and skin patches. Listed below are a couple of of them.

Contact dermatitis:

Contact dermatitis itchy and flaky skin

This can be a pores and skin situation that often occurs attributable to an allergic response of the pores and skin principally attributable to publicity to allergens comparable to poison ivy, animal dander, cosmetics, hair dye, and many others. Generally, even one thing as fundamental as a cleaning soap or a laundry detergent can set off it. The nice factor is, contact dermatitis often clears up by itself. Additionally, you may principally establish the doable set off that’s inflicting the allergy, so you recognize you must keep away from it the subsequent time. Contact dermatitis often presents as hives, dry and purple scaly patches, itching on the affected areas, and leaking blisters.

Atopic dermatitis:

Dry and itchy skin in babies

Also called atopic eczema, it is a kind of dry pores and skin patches situation that principally impacts youngsters. It’s recognized by dry, scaly, and irritated pores and skin, rashes, itchiness, and cracked pores and skin behind the ears, on flexural areas of the physique, and pores and skin folds. Atopic dermatitis often occurs on the legs, arms, and cheeks. These sorts of dry pores and skin patches often occur attributable to genetic causes and even environmental elements.

Ichthyosis Vulgaris:

Itchy and flaky skin

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This pores and skin situation is attributable to a bunch of genetic issues that result in dry patches on pores and skin. Largely, these dry patches begin showing in youthful age teams, youngsters however generally might current late into maturity. Ichthyosis Vulgaris is signified by dry and scaly patches, thickening of the pores and skin, and flaking pores and skin. A critical type of Ichthyosis Vulgaris is often uncommon, and most of the people current with it in its mildest kind. It often occurs on the legs. Nonetheless, it could additionally have an effect on the fingers and arms.

Seborrheic dermatitis:

 Dry and flaky skin on the scalp

As you may guess from the title, this one is linked to the sebum (sebaceous) glands. This situation happens when the glands begin overproducing oil, resulting in colonization with yeasts and ensuing within the formation of yellow to white coloured dry pores and skin patches with some flaking and crusting relying on severity. It could actually develop on the face, neck, scalp, chest, and even on the again of the physique. It could actually additionally happen in infants totally on the scalp and is named cradle cap. Seborrheic dermatitis will be recognized by skinny scales which can be white or yellow. It additionally results in greasy patches on the pores and skin which can be purple and itchy.


Dry and itchy patch on the knees

That is an autoimmune situation. In truth, as per the Nationwide Psoriasis Basis, practically 125 million folks the world over undergo from it. It often occurs when the immune system is weak. It could actually additionally happen attributable to genetic transmission. The signs of dry pores and skin patches in psoriasis embody dry and scaly patches with typical silvery scales discoloration of the nails, and on the scalp as thick white scaly patches mimicking dandruff. It could actually often happen within the face, scalp, knees, and elbows, genitals, decrease again, and decrease legs, and many others. It could actually additionally generally be related to joint pains resulting in arthritis-like options.

Athlete’s foot:

 Itching between toes due to dry skin

This can be a widespread situation that’s marked by dry, itchy, and scaly rashes between the toes. It might additionally trigger a extreme itching and burning sensation. It might occur in case you stroll on contaminated flooring barefoot, or maintain ft moist for longer durations and contract any an infection. Often, antifungal lotions and ointments can present good reduction. Do not forget that Athlete’s foot is extraordinarily contagious. This implies it cannot solely unfold from one particular person to a different, but additionally from one a part of the physique to a different. Be sure to wash your fingers after touching the realm. Or keep away from touching it altogether.

General, dry pores and skin patches, whether or not attributable to allergens or the aforementioned pores and skin situation, are outlined by their trademark scaly and patchy pores and skin that’s generally itchy and oozy. You’ve got to concentrate on the situation will not be bettering through OTC ointments and drugs. That’s the time to seek the advice of a health care provider. Don’t sleep over it for lengthy or it’s possible you’ll be left with a deep tissue an infection the place the dry pores and skin patches begin to blister or ooze and grow to be ulcers resulting in everlasting scarring.

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The secret to comprehensive beauty care for women